Case study

Advice on optimizing R&D performance


International SME with 100 employees specialized in the design and manufacture of perfume concentrates for the fine fragrance, personal care, home care and household markets. In constant development, the company exports more than 80% of its turnover. It is present in many geographical sectors and its teams have undeniable know-how.

Initial problem

Following external growth, the company needed to harmonize its processes and, above all, to improve its response times when it was approached by a client for new projects. The company wanted to review its entire R&D process to improve it.

Issues to solve

  • Understand where the existing dysfunctions lie.
  • Harmonize 2 distinct work cultures
  • Rely on internal relays to implement solutions
  • Make management aware of the limits of the existing system
  • Deploy a simple and effective solution

The strategic contribution

A brief diagnosis highlighted the main bottlenecks, namely; organization, management and the lack of steering tools.

A work of optimization of the R&D laboratory is envisaged even if this work is not a priority.

Operational implementation 

Reorganization of the R&D departments with the support of the management

Development of a customer project management tool

Highlighting of skills and know-how that are not valued in order to monitor the studies launched

Establishment of a more precise operating framework to avoid daily changes in priorities for perfumers, analysts and evaluators

Monitoring of key indicators to measure the evolution of the workload by department

Sustainability of monitoring methods and tools by integrating them into the ERP

Formalization and harmonization of new development processes

Regular monitoring of the progress of proposed actions

Concrete results

After 6 months of support, more than 80% of the studies launched respect the date transmitted to the client (internal and external).

Increase in project processing capacity of +20%, with a constant workforce.

Lessons learned

Communication and transparent sharing of operational information is one of the keys to success. Taking into account the ideas and opinions of employees is a necessity in a company that is constantly pushing its own limits. Involvement of all is an essential factor for success.