Certifications & compliance

with standards at NEOS

Certifications & compliance with standards at NEOS Partner

Independence, transparency, ethics. These are the principles of NEOS Partner. I apply them to each project that I set up with my clients, whether in my expertise or in audits.

With you, I contribute to the evaluation of potential suppliers regarding compliance with standards, having drawn up specifications including the criteria that you consider essential for a partnership. Because a collaboration between a company and suppliers is based on mutual trust and common values, particularly in respect of the environment or standards.

In my professional experiences and through my scientific training, I participated in the certification of the companies for which I worked on environmental or quality criteria. Likewise, I have the necessary expertise for food quality standards. I can help you qualify your suppliers on compliance with these standards, advise you and identify areas for development for certification purposes.
Whether you are producers or companies, my quality know-how will be an asset to meet your expectations and make informed decisions with regard to multiple standards and regulations.

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Sourcing by NEOS Partner

First of all, what is Sourcing ? As the name suggests, it’s all about finding the source. Sourcing is used to analyze and evaluate different suppliers on the same need for a company.

Consulting by NEOS Partner

Consulting is the business consultancy mission. I therefore call on an experienced external advisor (often a former executive) with specific skills, who will help improve the performance of the company.

Production by NEOS Partner

With more than thirty years of experience in companies, my production know-how has greatly developed. My skills have been put at the service of the development of productions, whether by the creation of new products or their marketing as well as on processes and costs. At all stages, I was present and I participated in optimizing production.

Ethical sourcing & consulting

Case studies

Sourcing of natural ingredients and creation of a supply chain

Sourcing of natural ingredients and creation of a supply chain

International SME with 200 employees specialized in the manufacture of natural ingredients for the perfume, flavor and cosmetics industries. The company manufactures all types of natural extracts and uses its ingredients in its own compositions as well as with a clientele of perfumers and flavourists around the world. Some of its products are emblematic of its know-how.

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Advice on optimizing R&D performance

Advice on optimizing R&D performance

International SME with 100 employees specialized in the design and manufacture of perfume concentrates for the fine fragrance, personal care, home care and household markets. In constant development, the company exports more than 80% of its turnover. It is present in many geographical sectors and its teams have undeniable know-how.

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Consulting in industrial improvement

Consulting in industrial improvement

International SME of 300 people developing and producing perfumes and flavors for 60% of export. The company has been growing strongly for several years, is very aggressive from a commercial point of view and has a high-performance industrial tool.

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